RV Livin’ Canoe-Dancer Dreams

This is my attempt at meme-ing.  I know it’s not actually a meme, more like a train of pictures with caption.  But go with it pretty please 😉  After some future dreaming, I’ve decided that after college, I’ll work till I can buy an RV to drive to the Oregon and live in it, earning my keep part time nursing and part time being a canoe dancer.  Mom already thinks I spend my time doing this so her worries are probably not completely unjustified…… and this plan may/may not be a side effect of discovering this web-show 😉

This pretty much sums up last weekend’s Easter-car ride to Curwensville with the family 🙂

Daughter tells mom of dream-plan to drive an RV to Oregon after college and live in it while touring the northwest.

Mom laughs.

oh, wait….she’s serious?….

Mother concludes daughter will die alone.

Sister prepares to be the success-child.

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