Better Than Pie.

Dare I say that?? Oh yes I do.

I know I told you guys pie was in the running next….as sort of a bribe delicious relationship re-kindling offering here but if pie had the power to do that, this might actually make us Official again.

Are you a fruit-dessert person? Do you think fruit is a legit dessert? I won’t disown you but I will definitely disagree.  Fruit is only a dessert when the ratio of butter, sugar, and highly processed carbs to fruit is 9:1

(I just wikipedia-d ratios…so I hope that one made sense.  What I was mathematically trying to say there is that the amount of glorified buttery carbs should drown the amount of wholesome earth fruit so completely that the fruit is pretty much a garnish on butter.)

Apple Dumplings (My Grandpa’s Recipe)

6 apples

3 refrigerated pie crusts

1/3 cup sugar+1/3 cup cinnamon (to 1/2 cup of each if needed)

1 cup water

1 cup sugar

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Use an apple slicer (the kind that slices the apples reaallly thin in a spiral shape but then you can pull the apple off still intact–if you have one you know what I’m talking about but if you don’t, fear not, just core and slice the apples as thin as you can while still maintaining the apple shape with the cored out hole in the middle).  **this apple prep is best done by a sous chef.

List of Perspective Sous Chefs:

1.  friend/SISTER who thinks they can’t cook (aka they refuse to cook so they put on a helpless puppy facade so other people will feed them)

2. the fantastic grandparents who let you use their house as a personal hideout, and who are happy to let you play with the sugar instead of getting your princess hands all apple-y.

3.  GF/BF bonding activity.  If the apple peeler accidentally slices their fingers off you can bring the apple dumplings to the ER to share with all the other people not getting treatment for the next 4-6 hours.  Tons of insight here to how they deal with fruit, blood, extended waiting, and sharing!  because this is clearly the only way you figure that one out.

OK so after assigning the sous chef to work, combine the water and sugar in a bowl and set aside.  Get the pie crusts out and cut each one in half (this is how I was shown, but you could probably get 3-4 pieces out of one crust) and within each half place a cored, sliced apple, and fill the core space with cinnamon/sugar combination.  With much love and tenderness, wrap the dough around the apple and tuck it into the glass baking dish.  At this point you might even want to kiss it for good luck.  Do this with all the apples.  Then Pour the sugar/water mixture over the dumplings in the pan (get them wet! don’t just hesitantly pour around them).  And sprinkle the rest of the sugar/cinnamon on top of each one liberally.  Bake for 1 hour or until the dumplings are golden and the sauce is bubbling.  Take out of oven.

Serve with blackberry tea in a moose mug on the porch swing on a clear night!

The amount of America in this picture is so satisfying. All we need now are some fireworks, flannel and a raccoon somewhere.  With bear paw prints on the driveway.

And while all this is going down listen:

If it’s just you and the moose   or this

If it’s you and the sibling who “can’t cook” (but they can sure sing along!) (1)

During the drive to the hospital with your sous-chef (1) (2)

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