Do I have to pay extra for those dimples?

Never have I loved my chipmunk cheeks as much as I did this week.  Sometimes I don’t know how to interact with customers at work, especially in the morning before I’ve got all my ducks in a row (except for that weirdo fuzzball who causes dissention in the ranks way back. He never gets in line.)  When in doubt and at loss for intelligent words to say to people (98% of my life) smiling’s the answer!

But not just a casual “hey you” smile, since I’m also trying to make up for having nothing to say the smiling is extra big…which leads to some serious dimples.

This brilliant tactic can come across a little strong to a few customers who aren’t used to such intense smiling from the chipmunk-cheeked girl about to serve them their daily dose of JoyBean.

Sometimes I feel like my cheeks are swallowing my face so I panic start gasping for air. Sometimes I try to make my cheeks smaller by biting the inside of my mouth but then I just look like I’ve got a mouthful of cheek. Truth.

The point here being I’ve had big cheeks since my days in the preschool rice bin (you missed out if your preschool didn’t let you play in a tub of rice every day-don’t give me a bag of rice unless you’re ok with my paws diving into it). Also that I don’t get along with my cheeks most of the time, sometimes I want to put my face on a diet. But they never leave.

So at work….one such customer receiving the ‘smiling treatment’:

“Do I have to pay extra for those dimples?” 

Made. My. Day.

I love my cheeks.

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