“Don’t Listen To A Word I Say”…listen to these instead!

(TriviaTime: which song is this title from?)

I don’t know about  you but if it’s a Spring Day in January and you’ve kicked yourself outside under strict instruction to move you feet till they take you somewhere, there will be stoplights and roads.  You probably have something less out of place to do during red lights but in case you’ve got over-active bouncing feet…

…here are some tunes 😉

Little Talks–Of Monsters and Men (I get so darn “spitting-sunshine-and-rainbows-happy” during this song it’s weird)

Saw You First and Up Up Up–Givers

Walking On A Dream–Empire of the Sun  (An especially good running down Park Ave. song, while admiring all the real runners passing you!)

Climbing Walls–Strange Talk

Vanished–Crystal Castles

I Don’t Want Love–The Antlers (not really a dancing song I suppose, more of an exhausted phase of the run song)

Best wishes for your weekend, take a little time to soak up whatever weather you’re in (real and life-weather).  Get a new outlook, climb mountains! (even if they are stairs to a higher window).




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