The Pantyhose Saga III

Do you remember? If not, catch up here. (there is an original story too, so if you feel so inclined to know what I’m talking about just follow the link and do what it says.)  The Pantyhose Saga has come full circle now.  The secret to amiable friendly communication with this character (who keeps re-appearing in my scene, always lookin’ fine in the pantyhose which send chills down my spine…)

Working at the local coffee shrine has many perks.  Besides the best coffee concoctions in the great wide Pennsylvania, good music, and fun people.  It also gives you automatic cool-ness with the Pantyhose People. (and their friends!)  Well, today a certain Pantyhose wearer walked back into my life and this time wanted a cappuccino.  (Strange, my mom was right-she needed something…and I provided! HA. I’m just tickled here, indulge for a moment.)

As I ever-so-sneakily checked out the situation from behind the espresso castle, I noticed her hair was just as perfect and gloriously red.  I also saw the exact signature pantyhose.  The only thing different was her face…her mouth was curved in sort of a positive parabola shape….something along the lines of a SMILE!

Confused by this new feature I decided to play it safe and continue to sneakily stare. Not creepy at all.  She ended up coming over to inspect my work and then it happened.  We spoke words to each other.  And the were nice and friendly, and just to confirm her identity I asked if she’d taken nutrition251 last year.  She said she had and then named the very professor.  It was her. Yes it was.  Oh my good word.   She’s claimed to recognize me too.  (that being a good thing has yet to be determined…based on our previous un-stylish encounters…) Nothing a bunch of caffeine can’t mend!  Even a year of non-verbal suspicion can be solved with a simple cup of joy. Lovely.

So now we are real life acquaintances, and as much as pantyhose still makes me 50x more wary of a person, I can say I do like this One Pantyhose Wearer.  How nice! And maybe next time I won’t revert right to self-protective overhyped assumptive judgement…good life check here from Upstairs. Thanks.

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