Truths And A Lie

You’ve played that game right?  So here are a few.  Guess.

1.) One semester, I would I was so cheap that I would go home to shave in order to not buy my own shaving cream.

2.) I use a fork to measure out coffee grounds.  I have also consumed coffee made from fox excrement.

3.) One semester, I made 2 dance videos.  Of just me dancing alone in my room like a cool kid.

4.) Sometimes, during a run, I dance up a hill just so I don’t have to run it.

5.) I only call my sister by her real name about 75% of the time.

6.) One of my favorite (recently developed) morning rituals is wearing one of my dad’s flannel shirts, and eating beef jerky for breakfast while listening to hillbilly music.  And then deciding to move into a cabin someday.

Oh.  And those were all truths.  The title was the lie.

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