Look, But You Have Already Found

Most people wouldn’t consider themselves particularly prideful or conceited, you know, some days are more mentally self-revolving than others but what we don’t catch is our almost untouchable layer of self-protective pride.  “Knowing thyself”.  One of the biggest ideas in our culture today revolves around self-discovery, “finding yourself”, improving yourself, building yourself up, finding your ‘zen’ etc…  We are obsessed with being “ok” with who we (think) we are and who we decide to make ourselves, going along the lines that our identity is built.  When life hits the wall and things don’t go our way or we don’t even know which way we’re going  , our response is too often ‘I need to go find myself’ ‘re-identify myself’. Here’s a little secret..you never lose yourself to anyone but yourself.

“Rebecca, you sound like a tripped-up bearded hippie  Please don’t hurt yourself.”  -You

“I shaved this morning don’t worry.  And if by tripped up you mean 5 cups of coffee before noon, then yes. Chillax. “ -Me

Finding yourself isn’t about reclusing into the hot tub of ‘me time’, your thoughts, your feelings, what you think you want.  You can do that for sure, and often it’s a good thing to do, it keeps you up to date on the temperature of your attitude.  However that’s not where you ‘find’ yourself.  When you spend too much time in your ‘hot tub’ you get too comfortable and hence ‘lose yourself’ wallowing in you.

Perhaps as people we crave to ‘know ourselves’ fully because we know we do not, and cannot.  When you look at a painting you can drink it in visually and admire it there, but if you want to know the root of that painting the best route to go is to study the painter, who was he/she?  Get to know their style, what drove them, how they looked at the world. The works of the artist are a reflection of themselves, their expression. How could we know the innermost trenches of our souls when we don’t fully know the Artist?  The way to learn about the creature is to discover the Creator.  The Creator knows his Creation though the Creation does not know the Creator.  Artwork does not exist on it’s own, it does not make itself and cannot take the credit.  It never loses it’s identity because it’s identity cannot be taken away as a reflection of the Artist.

Bringing it back now. 

We can create our worldly identities and establish our imprint while we’re here, please don’t misunderstand-striving to improve oneself is a good thing! If don’t for the right reasons and not as a way to ‘create’ oneself.  Someone already beat you to that, sorry.  How lovely though! We never get lost no matter what bricks life drops on us!

“Know thyself” as in know that you are wonderfully and fearfully made, that you do not understand yourself and nature as your Maker does, therefore lean not on your own understanding.  And  live to open eyes, everyone is a masterpiece,

let all you do enable others to open their eyes to the masterpiece they are which they did not make themselves to be.  enjoy living in the freedom of that knowledge, Lover of The Light.



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