Welcome to Nursing, Here Is Your Gift Bag!

Jumped right back into those darling navy scrubs yesterday for my Spring ’12 clinical class! Yippee! first official clinical! And even better, they had gift bags!

Full of catheters. Among other nursing toys. (is that bad to call them toys? because they are pretty real deal.)

Nursing students get the best stuff.  Everyone would be so lucky-our own distinct line of fashion, name tags with abbreviations,  and now free catheters! Doesn’t get much better than this!

So of course I trucked it on over to Urban Outfitters after lab, bringing my navy-clad self and gift bag along with me.  Now I realize that the best way to shop at Urban is scrub wearing, gets the sass in your step and the extra confidence boost that comes with carrying a medical-toy-filled bag.

Oh, and I just realized that all those catheters weren’t free.  Now I know where that $75 nursing bundle fee went (and I thought it’d be a new scrub line!).  Those weasels.

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