Red Velvet Cheesecake-Stuffed Cookies (AKA Beauty Within the Beast)

Is what happened here tonight.  They had such bright prospects, and the buildup time (of several dough-freezing days) only increased my thrill at yet another red velvet creation about to be born from the oven.  After a viewing of Beauty & the Beast (that actually turned on the waterworks full force during a few select scenes…what is wrong with me? How many times have I seen this movie and now I’m crying over it? Oddness is upon me yet again) I was ready to make some crimson-rose colored deliciousness. (ACTUALLY the rose in the movie is pink to be exact, but in real life it is red. FYI.)  How convenient that there was red velvet cookie dough in the freezer that I’d made a few days ago just waiting for this moment? Oh and there’s cream cheese frosting I froze too.  And pintrest had the idea of combining those two.

The filling did not warm up to the dough as well as I’d have liked them to though-they had a sticky relationship till I was fed up with their shenanigans and flattened all the dough out and made custom-designed cookie pockets for each teaspoon of about high-maintinence here.  And then, after my hands looked murderous from harsh dough dealing,  I put them in the oven and watched in dismay as the cheesecake filling seeped out of the cookies like the tears out of my eyes when Belle traded places with her father in the Beast’s castle.

They were chipped off the cookie sheet and laid to rest on their wire bed.  Dejected, frustrated, and more culinarily dismayed I turned on the ‘I don’t care, just eat them’ attitude on when my sister and her friends came in.  What a crank I was!  But then we tasted a few…and my heart softened like the Beast’s when he realizes that he loves Belle!

They TASTE like an enchanted rose, but they look like beasts! They were literally Beauties within Beasts!

And Here’s Tonight’s Soundtrack! (AKA songs to check out, and that have been the background music to my evening-maybe you’ll like 1 or 2..or none is ok too!)

Something Beautiful–NeedtoBreathe (this song is the main theme.  It’s basically my ‘Desires’ post from a few days ago converted to song mode. Love it!)

Through the Trees–David Tolk

Right Thing To Do–SBTRKT Ft. Jessie Ware (really like my bass down low 😉

Never Gonna Leave This Bed-Maroon 5 (the acoustic version is where it’s at, but unfortunately youtube is unable to provide a link for that, so here’s the pop-version.  Imagine just acoustic and it’s better.)

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise-The Avett Brothers

When The Stars Go Blue-Ryan Adams

Never Let Me Go-Florence and the Machine 

(in case you want to go through the same emotional overload I did with these cookies the recipe is from here, and I used the cookie dough from here.


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