Not Quite Selma’s

But no complaints!

These are pretty good and if you’re a chocolate chip cookie purist (like my dearest sister) and hate it when people mess around with what’s already perfect the way it is-you will like these.  Claire (sister) is rarely more miffed than when I’m baking cookies and have fancied them up with something other than chocolate chips or oatmeal.  Crankiness and malcontent ensue.  Last week I experienced a Selma’s Cookie for the first time and discovered I hadn’t been alive till that cookie was in my mouth.

(If you do not know what these glorious lovelies are-please get yourself to Saint’s Cafe and eat one.  Or three.  Whatever floats your boat.  They’re a million grams of fat each. But you won’t care.  You’ll go into myocardial infarction happy.)

After the Selma Experience I couldn’t get my mind off of them!  How can I re-create these to share with everyone?? (or hoard them with the jet puff under my bed and not share with anyone…)

*What’s the internet for anyways, other than relying on disgruntled company employees who spill the secret recipe online because they didn’t get a Christmas bonus or their stapler fell into jell-0?*

I guess Selma’s treats their employees pretty well because the real deal recipe was nowhere to be found, much to my dismay. Company loyalty is destroying the culinary betterment of mankind.

I did find this recipe however, and gave it a whirl, the key here is pretty much making the cookies as big as your hand-That’s all.  Claire and her boyfriend, Adam, approved! Happy Days had by all 🙂 Bake some cookies with your siblings or some sibling-like person over the holidays ok? Really, they are one of the best baking buddies/food critics.  Noted for their brutal honesty and frank evaluation!  If it’s good it’s reallly good.

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