Friday Fest

This is my brain on slow… (actually just post-late exercising against my better judgment.)

Why do I feel so bleh? Hmmm.. *Rewind* …

9:30AM: Good Morning.  Oh Sugarsmuffins! online nursing quiz due….nowish… *speed through quiz, surprised at the not-horrid performance for being barely awake*

9:45AM: No way am I going to nursing class without caffinating first…and maybe a few crumbs of breakfast? Yes I can do this.  *speed walk to Abba Java for my fix, see nursing professor on the way. Turns out Abba Java has my favorite wegmans super-grainy bread so I become a hypocrite and have un-toasted toast for breakfast* (don’t worry, I had breakfast No.2 after class)

10:10AM: Nursing professor dances.  And sings. And tells us that this was the easiest class we’ll ever take in nursing school. (That is where I was glad I could hold the coffee for emotional/mental support instead of passing out)

11:15: Breakfast No.2 (combination of scones, hot chocolate, various other sugar things-and more coffee) back to nursing!

I forget what happened between Breakfast No.2 and work. But I do know work included 3 shots of espresso and a huge amazing cookie (because I soo didn’t already have enough sugar and caffeine today!)

8:30PM: Gym. Feel like a hamster. Leave.

9:32PM: write this and realize it’s a waste of internet. Think about showering. No, not yet. What a sicko.

Did you have a good Friday?/AND/OR last day of Fall 2011 PSU classes??? What a champ you are! I am proud, regardless what you did this Fall, I hope you made it count and are ready for some more!

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