Tinsel Toes

Bam. That could be a $500 shoe line.  Just for Christmas! It’s like a bar called Eclipse, which you only open one hour twice a year and it’s $5,000 to get inside. (Thank you Tom Haverford).

The business department really missed out on me, I’ve got..great ideas..just go with the flow..

Speaking of going with the flow-how was your weekend? Go anywhere? Decorate (more)?

Listen to some good tunes?? (if so please share!)


/(EAT) anything sublime?

One of those things makes a good weekend on average, but all crammed into one is a real treat.  Which I ate.  Because (not to brag or anything..) I drove a bunch of fantastic girls to Virginia to raise money, via canning on big roads, for PSU’s THON, stayed at the most hospitable and awesome family’s house:

(don’t get me going too crazy on the food they bestowed upon us because that was the sublime part…please don’t let me go without eating pavlova many more times!

Had lots of fun with fun wonderful people and had a lot of laughter along the way 🙂  Should be noted I don’t drive more than 30 min (ever) so the driving to Virginia and back within 24hrs was quite the experience for me (and my trusty navigators I’m sure).

Things Learned:

1. Toll booths actually aren’t manned by trolls, contrary to well known and accepted folklore

2. Kanye has a song about Jesus (not sure if I’d add it to the hymnal, but even so, he’d be welcome to join the choir anytime!)

3.  Some people actually do find toast a satisfactory breakfast (weirrrd.)

4.  Finals week schedule.  (Which she’d been meaning to do for weeks but every time she’d get online, she’d forget why she was there and what she was doing and so automatically ended up on pintrest. BAD. BAD. bad….5 finals packed in the first 2 days.  Which led to much dismayed laughter and then hysterical laughing with led to confused tears and more pavlova-eating.)


1 Hour from State College: “That car in front if me is a Christmas tree..should I say something? *squinting to confirm* (which turned out to be a Sheetz van with squiggly designs on the back which led to the very reasonable assumption that it was a christmas tree on wheels)”

“Guys..do you feel like we’re riding a red blood cell floating through the inferior vena cava to the heart?  Like the highway is the vein…umm we are going to the left ventricle??)” ***note; realized later that my cerebral functioning was really not prime here because the vena cava doesn’t enter any ventricles silly!!! ATRIUMs.  Specifically the right.**just to clear that up.


Finally on the highway! Woohoo!!

Merging onto other highway.




Grindstone.  We will make it. 

We Are Here!-no song, just happy.

Dorms Need Christmas Too

One thought on “Tinsel Toes

  1. Tammy Domico

    I have tried to make the pavalo many times–with horrible results:( These people have gifts and you should find out their secrets!

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