My New Neighborhood

Is a lot more verbal ๐Ÿ™‚ as in wall are thinner in Holmes Hall than back in the days of Beam, or maybe people here are just louder. ย I’m totally at home.

Just got in from raisin’ the praise at church choir and sit down to write you silly nothings, when a burst of male PMS came through my walls and I smiled a lot. ย Sure, guys probably talk like this to each other no problem casually but this guys voice was definitely reminiscent of mine when I need marshmallow fluff and at least 2 episodes of Parks and Recreation.

“Why is the light off @$$#*%$ ?!!?! It’s DARK.”

“LIGHT IS OFF?! ย Turn it ON!”

“Keep that door locked, LOCK IT.”

Maybe I should go over with a peace offering of nutella? ย “here’ neighbor *wink* ya need some ibuprofen for those cramps?”



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