My New Neighborhood

Is a lot more verbal 🙂 as in wall are thinner in Holmes Hall than back in the days of Beam, or maybe people here are just louder.  I’m totally at home.

Just got in from raisin’ the praise at church choir and sit down to write you silly nothings, when a burst of male PMS came through my walls and I smiled a lot.  Sure, guys probably talk like this to each other no problem casually but this guys voice was definitely reminiscent of mine when I need marshmallow fluff and at least 2 episodes of Parks and Recreation.

“Why is the light off @$$#*%$ ?!!?! It’s DARK.”

“LIGHT IS OFF?!  Turn it ON!”

“Keep that door locked, LOCK IT.”

Maybe I should go over with a peace offering of nutella?  “here’ neighbor *wink* ya need some ibuprofen for those cramps?”


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