Peach Cobbler Cake (the miserable kind)

Looks good doesn’t it?

 Keep looking..

Looks just peachy, and full of quirky baking hybrid fun right?

Cake must’ve really partied it up with cobbler the other night…

But cake was also (stupidly) attempting to watch it’s figure so all it had to drink was yogurt. Drinking yogurt and wearing some organic-y hippie hemp material called whole wheat flour.  Cobbler tried to make cake have more fun but cake refused and ruined cobblers night.  But because cobbler is such a great date, it stayed with cake even though cake was pms-ing.

I think it would be silly to write down this recipe, over my culinarily dead body will I allow you to make it.  However; the idea still has a ray of hope I think, and will be re-visited in the future but with lots of butter and no whole wheat hemp!

To Give You An Idea:

“what have you done and why have you done it?”

“I guess it’s still food.”  *Eating*

“How about you never make this again?…”

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