Maple-y Bacon Cookies

The first of many Bacon infused things to come this winter.  To be honest these weren’t exactly how I’d imagined them-they are a great crispy cookie but I wanted chewy meltiness so the stamp of superb can’t be here.  A cookie is a cookie though-still hits the spot! Plus the dough is….ahh.

Adapted from HowSweet’s recipe here.

*since I’m lazy right now I’ll just straight up tell you to make that recipe except add about 1 1/2 teaspoons maple flavoring to the butter and sugar mixture then when the batter is made (omit the m&ms and crumble as much bacon as your heart desires into the dough) I cannot stress enough to follow her directions on how to layer them on the baking sheet-which is something I skipped in my insatiable bacon hurry which is probably why they were subpar.

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