I Want All the Bacon

In everything.  I don’t know why my mind has gone here tonight of all nights but all I can think about is bacon in EVERYTHING.  But the brain hasn’t struck exactly what combination/form of bacon it’s craving right now, uh oh :/  When in doubt, you learned everything you needed to know in elementary school.  Make a brainstorm list!

Ok. here goes:

Bacon blondies, (meh, yes they’d be amazing but not able to intoxicate my mind just by thought)


bacon cupcakes, (been done, very good though)

(image from: http://www.foodnetwork.com)

bacon pancakes, (yes…)


bacon doughnuts? (oh yes, these do illicit some good brain waves)

bacon scones? (added to list.)

banana nut bacon muffins?! (getting warmer…)

MAPLE-BACON-CAKE BALLS ?!?!?!?!?!?  HAHHAHAHAHA YES THAT IS WHAT I WANT! AH HA! (*insert glee*)  woodsy maple cake (infused with the essence) with maple cream frosting sprinkled lovingly with culinary gold. Garnished with mini-pinecones and pine needles.

That is exactly it! Gosh thank you 1st grade!

I should admit that my bacon fantasies right now aren’t entirely out of the blue.  Thank you my dear friend Emma for putting them there  and this image for making me a little crazed just now 😉

2 thoughts on “I Want All the Bacon

  1. theblueberrydays

    Unfortunately I did not make the maple bacon cakeballs (YET) but I did make an experimental batch of maple bacon cookies. They are yet to be posted, but they were less than amazing I hate to say, but I think I know what needs to happen with that idea-so bacon creations are in the works 😉 which you’ll probably be dragged into with me 😉

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