CandyTour; A.K.A. Halloween!

What did YOU dress up as??

All the cool people dressed up as elements..specifically the Noble Gasses! Just radiating royal aura are we not?


*Trivia: I impersonated 2 elements over this past Hallowed Weekend, one was Helium (prepare yourself for a fashion line of all balloon-wear.)  What was the other??? (Hint: I’m in almost everything, with a bit of hippie flair.)

OK-now even more important, what’s the halloween candy you don’t even bargain with? Aka, the candy you give up over your dead body.    or the candy you have a weird attachment to, and therefore just can’t give up?

Really, I’m asking you what these candy-fixations are in your life.  Do you have a severe sugar-hangover today? If you didn’t, you need to live it up more-talk to me, I’ll take you out on the best Candy Tour of your life 😉 Hopefully you’ll remember at least some parts of it.


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