Click Your Heels Together 3 Times…

Ah Ha! You’re at home.  Well my house, but you’re cool with that right?  You can do lots of stuff here!


—->You can bake cookies to your own soundtrack that changes to the success rate of the cookie status.  (Started here  (go to 1:40 if you want the exact moment)  and ended here.  With this in between. While dipping into the “Lilly, Lilly, LILLY” part of thisAnd when they turn out amazing you can do a victory lunge and bop around the kitchen to music you’d normally not be dancing to. But hey, things get a little crazzy sometimes 😉 especially when cookies are involved.

—->Where you can deep condition your hair for 2 hours in a purple shower cap while wearing sweatpants and a huge orange shirt. While bopping around the kitchen. And giving your sister fashion advice because you’re definitely in a position to do so at that moment.

The best part? The family doesn’t even blink an eye at all this behavior. They’re not phased a bit.

They’re preoccupied-homemade fruit-fly catcher anyone?

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