Desperate Cookie Pie

There are 5 convenience stores on campus, and I’ve got their inventory in a special mental file cabinet.  At first glance they all sell the same stuff; soda, greek yogurt, candy, milk, peanut butter, and cereal.  The basic necessities you know?

But when examined closely, one realizes that each store has key product differences.  Examples:

marshmallow fluff-East, and South.

Cookie dough-only sold at East.

Diet Cranberry Sierra Mist-exclusively sold at South.

The Best Apples-West Commons

So when I wanted a big ol’ cookie I just sifted through my “files” and knew exactly where to go to pick up the goods.

Tried to get fancy and threw in some caramel and mini snickers bars.  Sounds great right?

Well yes, the dough was good.  Then it was nuked.

And just like UV exposure on humans, it produced a promising initial result-but instead of the beach tan, it puffed up and looked like a real cookie pie…have I unlocked the secret to microwave cookie baking at last?? Preservatives were the secret all along?!

So I thought.

But as soon as it left the micro-cave, it sunk and began to look like Death Valley, unforgiving and crackled.  Still it was cookie wasn’t it?  Let try!

I don’t know if this picture really conveys the texture of eating a spiky rock with bits of tar in it.  Which is what it turned out to be.

So the rest of the “pie” was laid to rest in the cookie crumb jar.  Hoping a time out or some age to mature would help it, I tried it again the next day and the only change was that the rocks turned to gravel.

Someday I will make you something delicious and real.  Today is not that day.

Look up tomorrow!  Perhaps we will see some shooting stars?

7 thoughts on “Desperate Cookie Pie

  1. Hahhaha I had a baking fail myself last night. I really wanted some sort of dinner rolls to go with our pumpkin soup, but didn’t have any yeast. The end result was some nasty rosemary-thyme-cuplike looking things that had the consistency of a sponge. They went right in the trash.

    1. theblueberrydays

      aw bread experiments can be such a let down! good thing pumpkin soup never is-do you have a good recipe there? I just decided I liked the stuff about a week ago, and now I’m on a savory-pumpkin kick

  2. Allie

    Microwave brownies are much better. Especially your gooey fudge ones.

    But I did try making HowSweets oooey gooey fudge brownies the other day. And they were bad. They literally tasted like you were grinding your teeth on pure sugar (not in a good way) and the amount of sweetness was overload, at least for me. I guess the 2 to 1 sugar flour ratio should have been the tip off………

    1. theblueberrydays

      Sugar is my job. (I wish!) I can handle any amount. (good or bad? can’t decide.) Who doesn’t like shooting down those little raw sugar packets in coffee shops? 😉 And Allie, please let us make HowSweet’s pumpkin cookies she just posted!! I’m begging. Emma, I’m begging (you to come back) too. Send me pictures of things you make in your apartment!

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