Winter Winds (But where was Fall??)

Did anyone else feel them this weekend?  Or perhaps you were distracted by the freezing rain and snow. Whaaat?? Driving back from Camp Ligonier my car-mates noticed the white fluff gracing the sides of the mountain roads.  Seemed like we just walked through the door of seasons right into late fall/winter this weekend, but maybe I’m a bit biased because I spent the past two days sleeping in an unheated, uninsulated, dark, cabin-shed. But it was tons of fun! I’m completely serious, nothing zests up a trip like weather moodiness, the woods, and dance parties.

Why did I choose to spend the first frighteninly cold weekend of the school year sleeping in all my close+my hat and feet on the bunk rafters for further insulation? For RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) Fall Conference of Course!!

Much fun was had by all 

(especially while frolicking about, caffeinated, in the rain)

I guess this picture isn’t quite depicting the “cold wet shed-sleeping” conditions, but it is showing happy coffee-hunters who found their Treasure Island in the form of a little coffee shop in downtown Ligonier: Abigail’s Coffeehouse.

The smell alone was enough to make the day-walking in to the faint scent of pumpkin spice latte and homemade biscotti (which I am all hot on making asap now!  Probably a pumpkin maple glazed?? would that float your boat? Doesn’t matter because it’d send mine all the way to England so we’re making it.)

Walking around the town was like walking onto the set of ‘The Music Man’.  Abigail’s was in the town center next to little shops, a church, a town hall and a library-all decked out with seasonal decor.  Loveliness! And to top it off a delicious cup of amaretto coffee 😉 Yes sir, can’t beat that, sipping joy with my friends on a cold October day.

My kind of game…

Jess and Rachel like it too.  Rachel’s mesmerized actually.

They even had a science experiment set up to prove there’s no need for electric bills when coffee beans are just as good as an outlet for turning on your lamp!  I’ll be sure to give caffeine-induced energy a shot in my (hopeful) apartment next year.

All about that natural energy folks 😉

Besides being happy campers (literally) we studied the book of Daniel and gained a new perspective on what it is to ask God “thy kingdom come”.  Maybe you’ll see some of that later because I found it very insightful and eye-opening.  For now my eyes much be open to the time and the fact that I need to be in chemistry class pretty darn soon.

Oh monday, wear your happy face will ya? Here’s some pumpkin pie-flavored lip gloss it’ll help.  Perfect- much better, you’re ready for public consumption at last!

On a completely different note: Claire baked

It’s ok, let the shock wear off, I’ll wait.

And they were marvelous

That is a picture of Claire holding her true love.  The child of cookie dough and a brownie.

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