You Steal My Sunshine (but it’s o.k.)

But it’s free so go on ahead. I’m not much into it anyways, except for the song.

Remember this one?? Ah a good ‘kindergarten in the 90’s’ bus-memory. One of the few; I was absolutely terrified of the bus driver after he yelled at me for my bubblegum-pink sweatsuit-ed leg sticking out too far into the aisle. Made the remainder of kindergarten transportation kind of a scarring for the curly pig-tails of Yours Truly.  I also lived in fear of my kindergarten teachers aid, a severe gray haired lady who did not let me glue my own silver beads onto my gingerbread girl during the class Christmas Party.  Other than that I thrived in kindergarten, the grade right up my ally. Champion at working the play kitchen, pretending to be a princess stranded on a spaceship out on the playground, and writing “love letters” to a fellow classmate, which said only 2 words because I didnt’ know how to spell much else.  These were my name, and the word L-o-v-e.  All in huge purple or pink marker (depending on my artistic mood).  I don’t understand why he didn’t see the artistic masterpieces being thrown at him! I mean who doesn’t want a tree’s-worth amount of printer paper with my name surrounded by abstract floral art?? Well, eventually he couldn’t take it anymore and moved away.  Needless to say my letter-art ceased too and I spent more time in the play-kitchen.

Any good kindergarten-isms to share?

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