It’s A Marshmellow World

Have I told you I bought a pie plate for the microwave?  Well not FOR the microwave, it’s for the brownies and other wonders yet to be coming forth from the microwave. O.K. moving on.

Had some marshmallows hanging around a while ago and decided they needed to go out with some flare.

As in-they were laid to rest on top of a bed of crushed oreos and then fed to the microwave.

The result was super hard-to chew, plain sugar, almost-choking

and I’d never recommend it.

There are better things to do with marshmallows involving peanut butter.

2 thoughts on “It’s A Marshmellow World

  1. Haha! That seems like it should be a good idea…oh well! One time Ian and I decided to make some ‘instant pie” by throwing marshmallow fluff and blueberries into a pie crust. The first few bites were delicious and then then the fluff would just ooze right to where we took a bite and it kind of became a never-ending pie and it soon ended up in the garbage…

    1. theblueberrydays

      oh my-blueberries and marshmallow fluff?!?! how have I not tasted that combination? what a tragedy it did not work in your pie 😦 but you should give it a shot in something cake-like or cookie related…

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