I have no clue. But I do have a name tag!

which is just as good right?

As of 4 days ago I have them.

Them.  Scrubs!

The clothing that says:

“You Are Looking  At Professional.  I may not tell you the answer but whatever I do say is just as good!”

They’re magic-clothes, I walked across campus while wearing them the other day and believe me, I think more people held doors open for me than ever before. I may wear these everyday!

Sorry I don’t have a full picture for ya, but I’m sure there’ll be more (because we all know scrubs are as fancy on the bottom as they are on top, and you need a picture to imagine navy blue pajama bottoms)


Bad Day? Here’s a cupcake. Boom. cured!

Over-stressed? Here’s some sneakers. Boom. cured!

Feeling too happy? Here’s your study guide for that sociology exam tomorrow.  Boom. cured!

Feeling just peachy? Here’s a cup of coffee, for me. You may fetch your own. Now we’re both Peachy. Double Cure!

My mom got me these super cool new syringe-shaped pens, that look to be filled of Kool-Aid and write in dark red.  Like blood! Thanks momma! Bringing a whole new meaning to “who wants a shot?” in nursing class;)

“Did someone forget to take their meds today?…….”

“Cross your fingers Mr./Ms. Future Patient, I’ll do my best!”

At least I have a name tag 🙂

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