Parents and Families Weekend–Reversed

This past weekend was Penn State’s Parents and Families weekend, where many parents make the trek over here to campus and spend a few days exploring and getting a fancied-up taste of their students environment. I over-recognize this holiday already-just ask my mom! ย Though I reverse it and instead of exposing my mom to some dorm disorganization, I go home to check out the family circus ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Here are the happenings:

1.) Mom made emergency food (aka Dad was in a hunger-induced Cranky Coma and before you knew it, mom created an edible defibrillator and averted major crisis. ย We are serious eater people, don’t mess with not having food available 24/7 otherwise don’t expect cooperation.)

And look who’s learning to play trombone!!!

I’m so proud! ย There may be another fiddler coming down the road soon too if the other brother keeps up his great taste in music ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย (you’ve may have heard this one from ‘Maple-Flavored Auditory Decadence’)


2 thoughts on “Parents and Families Weekend–Reversed

  1. You know who.

    Hmmm. About that Cranky Coma comment… I’m thinking of having a yard sale with your stuff so I can turn your room into an office (in other words, room for fly tying and hunting gear).

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