Kitchen Hobo

College turned me into a kind of Kitchen Hobo.  I go wherever my friends (and many times family) let me near their stove.  If you ask my parents there was never a time last year when I didn’t make/bake something during a home-trip.  This year I decided to seriously branch out and be more experimental with the microwave in my dorm, (hold tight, there are more things to come on that story…) but also on the benevolence of my friends with real kitchens, who may not know what they got themselves into when offering the use of their culinary shrine to my antics.

In the case of last night, this kitchen hobo skipped on over to her friend Sara’s (adorable) house kitchen and the result was a marriage between a peanut butter monster cookie and a Take 5 candy bar.  Is that what happens when you’re “studying” ? Somehow your brain turns off of memorizing elements and onto how you can manipulate a rice crispy treat to do anything you want? Me too!  You’re in good company 😉

This picture is a good example of my ideal studying environment or priorities, the textbook open, and all the important things either on top of it or in front of me.  Funny, I think that screen started on the PSU Angel site and then (before I could stop it) hopped over to more delicious content.

I am completely focused in this picture.  Here’s the monologue of my head:

“5 Steps of the Nursing Process GO: Assessment…Diagnosis…Planning…gumdrops….Implementation…wonder what my pulse rate is…Evaluation….Brownies…red food coloring…do I have a chem quiz tomorrow?….hmm…more coffee…rice crispy treats-rice crispies+pretzels+peanut butter+M&Ms=Yep.”

Happy Thursday- Let me know if you try them too!

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