Coconut Cake

Democrat/Republican, Liberal/Conservative, Chocolate/Vanilla, Harry Potter/Twilight, Coconut/NO Coconut.  That’s about all I can think of right now but I’m sure there are more. Anyways, now that I’m “out of the house Round Two” (as out of the house as any college kid can be living 4.5 miles away from her parents and still goes home to mooch off their laundry services, food, and emotional unloading is) When I “leave” for the school year my mother always seems to be making tons of amazing food.  A week ago during my laundry visit she made the most wonderful delicious ultimate coconut cake ever to grace my mouth. It was the cake equivalent of Movenpick Ice Cream and I am completely serious.

Here is the recipe. Please give it a chance, even you coconut fun-hater.

*Note, my mom did not put the frosting on the cake, and she did not make her own coconut cream as Alton prefers.  The canned stuff worked brilliantly (sorry Alton, we can’t all be super cool foodies, that’s why we have you!).

Oh yes…cream of coconut is basically coconut sugar syrup.  Imagine eating sweetened condensed milk (you know, while your baking brownies or something and a little *accidentally* gets left behind in the can? Of course you eat it! Don’t be wasteful 😉  The crema de coco is very much like that except for an intense sweet coconut taste. Right up my ally but maybe nowhere near your boulevard. Oh well, lucky you, you won’t spend the afternoon scraping every last bit of it from the already clean while your mom wonders about your sugar problem and when you start reaping the curses of it.

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