Night Running

I have nothing useful for you.  There is nothing that I’m about to say that is of any productive value, in fact you may want to just skip over this and bake some cake. If you have an oven that is (which is more than I can say for here.)  Otherwise create a trial-run hulu plus account (free 1 month for students!) for no other reason then to watch every single episode of ‘Parks and Recreation’ ever made.  Really focuses you in while taking notes from powerpoints for every class you take (where the teacher breaks the fundamental powerpoint rule: do not write word for word what you will say, it defeats the purpose of a powerpoint as a MAIN POINT tool).  And don’t even bother taking you’re allergy meds because you like those feverish hot/cold flashes with dizzy overtone.  

Take a night run.  Go ahead and do it! Just make an educated guess of how fast you can run in panic mode and compare it to how fast you think the average kidnapper is in your neighborhood.  Make notes-check out those groups of people you zip past and judge away my friend, it’s called being a Sociologist.  Perfectly acceptable Judge-Free Card! But really, when you have to run in the middle of the road to avoid a posse of tight-skirted high-heeled, flat-ironed hair, stick-thin, B-cup, trouble finders, just remember you would survive longer in a jaguar chase. Hmmm do you think they’re prepared to run from a predator? Answer, No. They are not wearing sneakers and constantly pulling down the mini skirt will hinder speed and focus.  Other night-run obstacles include bros, bicyclists, people who stare but do not move their obtrusive selves, and toads.  These challenges are beneficial however-combined with your machine-like running mode (more common at night at least in my experience) will thrive.  Have a good playlist ready to accent your superhuman-ness.