And On the 8th Day God Made the Microwave

….to save the insatiable sucrose cravings of the college student.  The college student who was above buying a bag of Keebler Elves and wanted the real warm-fresh-out-of-the-heating-device taste.  Unfortunately dorm management would probably frown upon me installing an oven in the bathroom for a make-shift kitchen.  

*enter microwave on a white stallion*

So ya’ll know my thing for practically un-baked brownies, and you’ve probably heard of a wonderful gift from the heavens called a Microwave Mug Brownie (if you don’t, please take a minute to educate yourself. CLICK.)  Definitely not the red velvet brownies but it does the job beautifully when you need that fix while watching Parks and Recreation and itching for 9/22.  (they are no cake brownie either-we don’t do that here.  Nope, these are the real things with lots of half-bake).

“That’s great Rebecca! thanks for that super useful recipe referral! Because I just happen to have a bag of flour under my bed and a jug of oil in my closet! First things I packed for this room”

Cool your jets.  If you aren’t me you probably do not have those things stored in your dorm room and therefore that recipe is semi-useless and a little teasing to you.  I’m sorry-but hold on, after realizing that I did not want to buy basic baking ingredients for a mug of baking I turned to Plan B.  Betty Crocker.

You can still get your fresh-baked brownie fix, just use a box of brownie mix and eyeball it.  About 2-4 tablespoons mix, with a little peanut butter and milk.  If you have chocolate add it! Or oreos. I say 2-4 tablespoons because the size is up to you. This isn’t a picky thing, mix together and “bake” for 20-40 seconds.

CAKE TOO. Same drill, buy the mix, stir in some milk.