My Poor Roomate

A lot can happen in a week!  Like moving back to college, starting classes, friends leaving then coming back then more friends leaving! I just can’t keep track of everyone (or anything…take note below)

Not so bad right?….well take a look below

My roommate must suffer daily living with me.

Now that we’ve cleared up how exasperating of a living buddy I am-let’s take a tour!

Clearly I know how to create a studying-friendly environment conducive to great focus and productivity. Food porn right at eye level on the desk!  

First. Official. Nursing. Books.

The Fairy-Princess Window from our castle room, great view of the Enchanted Forrest of fairies and elves.

The Crafty Corner (Who needs the poster sales when you can make your own customized wall?! with illegal usage of scotch tape) *it’s a masterpiece in progress, you can’t rush fine art.

My art.. is the best art…of all the art..