Iced Tea and Cheez-It’s

One of the many dunderheaded things my cell phone does is not take quality pictures of food that do the culinary masterpiece justice. I have to be patient because it’s getting old and forgetful (like it’s owner) Let us continue. 

A very good friend decided to ditch the U.S. and A. for the entire summer for Germany and eventually tired of Germany came back to the Mother Land of amber waves, purple mountains, GMC’s and tractors. In reality Germany is a really cool country and if I were to skip off the continent you’d be safe betting I’m on my way for some German Spätzle.

or Swiss Movenpick….

The important thing here is that my friend is home now!! as of 2 days ago.  So of course lots more friends and food was in order.

Lemon Sugar Cookies (or Lemon Iced Tea Cookies) (I thought they had a nice tea-like undertone, not a tart cookie but a cookie you’d eat and think of lemon iced tea)

adapted From here! (the adaptation? Adding rum to the frosting and nixing the almond extract, corn syrup and citric acid, and while you’re at it don’t even bother separating the zest from the juice of the lemon! 😉

The Story Behind the Sugar Cookie

Once upon a time there was a young man who decided he did not bake.  

He does now.

Oreo and Cheez-it Bark???

From Here! 

I KNOW! Had my eye on this for a while actually and just didn’t know if it was worth making till my good friend Allie decided to take the challenge and explore culinary jungles to which I had been too afraid to step foot in.  What a champ!

Crazy but if you like white chocolate you’ll be in for this, might want to add more cheez-it’s than it calls for but overall I ate half the bowl it was quite tasty.  Thanks Allie!!