Once Upon a Time..A Unicorn Married A Cupcake

This is what happens when a unicorn marries a cupcake…

they make THIS

A Few Definitions of ‘cupcake’: (according to urbandictionary.com-only the most reliable sources will do for this blog!)

“when a muffin is consumed by magic”

“Prostitute muffins.  Muffins who are showy and trying to sell themselves to humans with their showy frosting and sugary goodness”

“a person who is overly sensitive about life”

I guess those are pretty accurate definitions, for REGULAR cupcakes.  However the offspring of a cupcake and a unicorn is far more fantastical than a simple definition can capture.  

These cupcakes are layers of 3 magics.  Cookie dough.  Cake batter.  Buttercream.

Sometimes the cousins (left out cookie dough)  are invited to the afterparty.

I might have had a little too much after party because I woke up with severe cupcake hangover this morning.  Just in time for a dentist appointment!  What a champ!

Time for the close-ups..

“just take it off reaaaalllly slowly so I can get all the angles ok??”

work it.

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