What If They Let Cat’s In the Room?

This past weekend I visited a lovely town with lovely fun people! What more can you ask for after that last post of Cranky-Irritance?? (not that I’m taking any of it back! You still need to behave like a real person out in public) I learned a lot of things and had a fun adventure.  Things I learned: I like clams.  (actually I LOVE clams. After a lot of whining on my part to my dear friend, Emma, over not wanting to eat them but still wanting their shells I gulped one down and….I do like clams I do I do!) I also love raw corn on the cob! who knew it was so delicious in the natural?? 


at the Quakertown Farmers Market!!

was so much fun, lot’s of character and I finally found a claddagh ring

*I feel like I need to clarify the speedometer was not actually depicting the true speed of the vehicle…but it is still picture worthy-we were technically still going 2/5 of that speed probably.  Do not fret, very safe!