You Shouldn’t Be Out in Public If…

1.) You do not have the courtesy to clean up after yourself in a public eating place.  Yes that means you don’t leave your trash and spills on the table AND you take the 2 seconds to push your own chair in.  

2.) When you are standing in line at your favorite frozen treat venue and see the line behind you stretch out the door-a true adult realizes that it is not the time to try 50+ samples (EVEN if the cashier/waitstaff says “it’s fine”.  If you’ve ever worked in public fast food service you know that it is never “fine”.  They are required to be nice to you and lie to make you feel good about being a selfish line holdup.)

3.) You complain about the flavor options available to you-because chances are the poor cashier receiving your childish whining can’t do anything about it and just wants you to shut your trap, put on your big girl/boy pants and move on.  If all you can focus your complaining energy on is ice flavors then you really need to wake up and smell the sour milk product. 

4.) Do take note of the closing times of your choice treat place-they are usually right in front of your face upon entering and failure to take heed of them makes you an incompetent dunderhead. Don’t even try to act surprised when it’s 20 min. past closing time and the cashier girl/guy has stacked up all the chairs and tables around you.  If they scowl, take it like an adult (the test you already failed by being so inconsiderate of others time) ->you deserve that scowl.

SO how was your work day??? Please tell.  If I could figure out how to let people talk back on these blog posts I would.  But from the What It’s Worth Department, you all have my sympathies for the drudgery of the workweek especially if you work with the public.  I tell myself public-dealing will better my character and ability to function responsibly as a post-college adult, but nights like these I think my character is better off without it.  Give me a few hours, a nice shot of the WonderBean tomorrow morning and you’ll be hearing a slightly more upbeat tune.  For now please get some sleep and let us remember there are good people out there, some who still even say ‘thank you’ and mean it.