The Great Day of Independence America!

1.) Ran 10 miles on Rails-to-Trails with my dad (mom and the boys biked) (who knew I could actually still pull that one off!? Very sloooowly.)

yep we’re a little zoned out at the halfway mark..showing it in individual ways (my smile is pained, Kyle’s spacing, and Ryan is being even more Ryan 😉

How To Be A Man Lessons with Dad:

Real men use a swing rope to throw themselves into uncharted waters.

and sometimes they just hang there and enjoy the view 🙂

Parental Unit:

2.) Transported cake balls swathed in edible patriotic fun in a subaru.  The patriotism went everywhere.  

The recipe is as follows: bake a cake. Destroy cake with clean hands.  Add to destruction 1 container of good old store bought trans-fat-laden frosting.  Form Destructive mess into spheres.  Fridge/Freeze spheres for 30min.  Melt white chocolate candy melts (aka wiltons or something similar) Dip spheres in chocolate.  Cover in something (I chose to cover with America in sprinkle form).

Trust me, sounds kind of weird and store-bought but it doesn’t get much more patriotic than this: consuming these and being surrounded by sky explosions set to the romantic tunes of John Philip Sousa.  

Again, the 4th of July is probably the Most Romantic Holiday ever.  Frank Sinatra’s voice just can’t compare to the euphoric sound of loud obnoxious brass instruments.  Guess what’s going to play at my wedding?   YES. 

3.) Watched the fantastic fireworks of central PA and ended the night with some crazy dancing and throwing of firecrackers.