Bury Me In Caramel Satin

yes they are Claire!!

Carmel. Layers of it.

HAHA, don’t worry, not THAT funny…. 😉

They do make you pretty sugar happy though.

Remember when I told you to check back for a more useful post monday?  Well here it is folks!  molten caramel deep fudge brownies  from the Zesty Cook

Oh yes they are one of the few things that can comfort a wounded numb mind after a less-than-stellar performance on a stat final 😦 the other being an awesome person to tell you it’s not the end of the world, make you realize you will indeed live to see the academic light of tomorrow, and then lets you walk up and down the baking aisle of wegmans to your hearts content.  

also this song is just making me feel all the more level headed (have no idea why in the world this song of all songs though! It’s the fiddle singin’ pulling at my heartstrings. )