When It’s Worth the Backache and Headache.

Been a long week, I’m sure you’ve had plenty of those too-so you know how it feels when you’re running on minimal sleep, running the hamster-wheel of getting up at 6:15 for one job, then running to statistics class, then to microbiology lab, work some of that pent up mental angst and frustration out via physical fitness time, run errands, rush home, search for food, find out that your dad ate the food you made to sustain yourself through the week-thank goodness for

Continued: Decide you can make it without real food because you’re late for Job No. 2.  Job No. 2 reminds you that you’re a weak human who will start being delusional without food so you have multiple samples of ice cream and frozen sugar water topped with stale pretzels for dinner. HEALTH.  You spend the evening wondering why you work out in the first place.  In searing back pain, throat soreness, leg aches, and the brain function of this chipmunk. 

Yes that’s been my week. I feel bad I don’t have good material here for you, something you can actually DO something with-like a recipe. Really I totally understand if you’re sitting there reading this and being all “I’ve had my own version of “One of Those Weeks” and I don’t really care to hear about yours, where’s the sugar rush? I need my fix now.” Calm yourself and please visit back Monday-ish because there will definitely be some celebratory things going down after somebody takes her stat final of misery and woe. 

HEY I’m not done, did you read the title? Nothing I’ve said yet makes misery worth it but now I will tell you.  There’s this wonderful awesome band here called ‘The Nightcrawlers’ check them out! Great music, and I’ve heard them play in the bar below/beside Rita’s called The Phyrst (not inside the bar of course, just when I get to creep by the door at night while taking out the trash and wishing I was legal just to listen up close) and at THON.  Alternative/Indie/Rock/sort of american folk-ish tied in there.  Right up my alley! The lead singer came into Rita’s tonight and we got to talk to him for a long time and he even stayed past close and helped me move  few tables!!!! BEST CLOSING TREAT EVER.  I was so thrilled and flattered that he talked with my manager (and good friend) Sara, and I for so long and helped out!

CLICK HERE TO —> Check their music out for real!