Red Velvet, White Chocolate, and a Blue Bikini

What a patriotic day I’ve had!  Unintentionally the materialistic highlights of my day were the colors of America (“the only country that matters”-Ron Swanson) and one of my absolute favorite holidays (less than ONE MONTH now!).  After getting home last night I finally found my mother’s stash of white chocolate in the kitchen drawer beneath the decorative pot holders (*insert gleeful grin of triumph here*) and I began nibbling away at it today 🙂 Sorry mom! (but you knew I’d find it eventually, it’s all part of the constant game of kitchen dominance right??? heehee) 

After getting home today I found a UPS package from delias had arrived at the house-the blue bikini I’d been angsting over purchasing for months and finally gave in on a whim.  Not sure if that was the best impulse buy but I was pretty excited to confirm that internet purchases actually work! They come to your house just like on the computer!! MAGIC.  Tried on the suit, decided it was wretched, (more like my thighs were wretched) and to console my irritation with incorrectly advertised color and bathing suit fit, I made-RED VELVET BROWNIES-(that’s the Red in case you need some help guessing).  

Obviously I am an expert in healthy ways to cope with mental frustration.  Dr. SugarShock at your service.


From here.

I made her recipe exactly, except for the frosting because I was too impatient and I wanted to save the White.  They were amazing nevertheless-Make Them. (if I were to frost these though, I’d use cream cheese frosting.)

And you know what? After making these American Beauties the blue suit became so much more like-able and I decided it was worth keeping.  (I know, brownies—>bikinis usually don’t have a great relationship and have giant fits of rage every time they get within 20ft of eachother… but Red Velvet worked serious charm on the Blue Bandeau)


So what I’m concluding is that if you are not feeling too great in your summer H2O-wear of choice, whip these up, grab that Ghirardelli white bar, and you’ll be feeling like Lady Liberty in no time.