The Saturday

You know when you wake up on that one precious free day of the week?  What goes through your head?  AKA what anti-work/school fun plans run through your head?  For me that day was saturday-a rare day of absolutely NOTHING.  It was almost too big for my mind to wrap around after a week of work-class-class-work-homework-run…repeat.


I woke up at 12:15pm-a brain shocker for me because during the week I wake up at 6:00 for work and usually don’t get to bed till 11:30 or later to 2:00 on nights I work late.  So my body is simply not accustomed to sleeping anywhere past 9 (my normal weekend sleep in time).  Thrown for a loop there I was frustrated I’d wasted half my day already on sleep!  (but not too frustrated, sleep was better than movenpick ice cream at that point.) Moving on.  I’d made plans to go hiking with a few friends early afternoon and was looking forward to an afternoon of frolicking around early summer greenery and tall trees.  BUT the weather was not on the same page with the perfect saturday plan….figure it out.  

And that’s how my friend, Ben, and myself ended up at Wegmans on a unforseen stormy afternoon.  (though the detour location pick was a result of me needing a caffeine fix… and few things are more wonderful than drinking coffee (indoors) while the sky is exploding outside).  The radar didn’t show much promise for the rest of the day either 😦  

Staying true to Central Pennsylvanian weather, one minute the sky is falling, about an hour or two later it’s sunny.  Unfortunately a little late for serious hiking but hey, turns out we can be creative and the weather could not thwart outside adventure.  Only a challenge to overcome! 🙂 SO lucky to have some game land woods nearby for fast and accessible hiking needs.  

Though it didn’t follow the Plan, saturday was just as adventuresome because of the added weather challenge and being put into creativity mode 🙂 AND if it weren’t for the storm we’d have never seen how great it is to explore new and un-planned woodlands like the pioneers. OR met new friends!

(this guy and all his siblings)

OR eat sassafras leaves like a dinosaur.

OR save forest scenery by burying ‘unnatural’ things…

…Like bricks?

OR live out the pre-panicked thrill (I think I was the only one even close to pre-panic though) of getting lost and off-trail 🙂

Thank goodness for people with better natural direction than myself!! 😉

Still got home to be Fairy Godmother to Claire’s hair (she’s always running off to some ball or another!)

Hello Beautiful!  

I’m related to her. AKA= Yours Truly is from a pretty darn gorgeous gene pool. 😉 not to brag or anything…