Today I had a blessed walking time, and got to visit MyPlace.  I had one at my old house too, a place where I’d always end up whenever I’d go for a walk and each Place holds a special corner of my heart.  Lot’s of deep thoughts, some of my best times just being in God’s presence are held at these Places, and it’s almost always in the late evenings when I go and then the sun hit’s my surroundings like liquid gold.  It makes me feel like I’m walking in a picture.  I took a few photos with my phone on my walk today of MyPlace, but almost didn’t share them because I was a little afraid of throwing it out there like I could possibly capture what I love about the Place in a picture.  It simply doesn’t fully explain it.  

My previous Place at my old house was a dead end road that overlooked a huge cornfield and mountain in the distance.  I haven’t been there in exactly a year now, which makes me kind of sad and want to visit it again but I’m afraid it won’t be the same or I’ll feel like I’ve betrayed it by finding another Place.  Correction; Place’s find me, I don’t actually look for them.

My current Place is close to my new house in a small but thickly-wooded area with a path through it.  I love being surrounded on all sides by towering trees and forrest growth so thick that I only catch glimpses of what’s behind it.  It makes me feel some kind of reverence or awe at Creation around me, probably why I like going on walks so much.  It’s not just majestic mountain or seascapes that illicit awe, but if you actually look, you’ll see the mystery of a Creation all around you.  

What about you? Do you have a Place?  I want to hear about it but sometimes it’s best these things be kept secret.  I know I told you about mine but I don’t think it was slipping any secrets, just the basic facts that it exists and it special+magical.  So you should check yours out, or just start walking around and it’ll find you!