Big River

Yesterday my dad decided it was time for another high-intensity day of FamilyFunFest via a kayak trip with the aunts/uncles/cousins (all together there were 24 people).  

Nothing like cruisin’ through the clean-cut suburbs with a truck full of shouting family, your mom getting her inner country-hick accent on and pretending to chew tootsie rolls like tobacco. Your young brothers are in the front seat somehow, and are askign your dad if they can chew some of his tobacco, your sister doing spanish homework beside you, and to top it off the car is blasting out that bluegrassy-country music that your dad loves and you pretend to be adverse too but the truth is that you just can’t admit you dig it too…

Oh and your mom (in her element here) starts going on about putting a confederate flag in the back window of the truck.  Not even pulled out of the neighborhood yet, this will be  a good time.

Sometimes you just have to let that inner country girl out of the bag. And throw her in a kayak down the river.

Once we got there and met up with the rest of the Clan we became a fleet of kayaks and the next 5 hours were spent avoiding snakes, telling Ryan he can’t blow the emergency whistle, singing disney songs to match the scenery , melting under the blazing hot sun, and soaking up some wonderfulness-was a great adventuresome, and still loopy day with people I love, doing something I love to do! 🙂 

Always have a lawnmower.  Don’t think about it, just throw it in there.

I’m super exhausted and “hung-over” from all that excitement, so catching a quick nap before work tonight. Got to have my happy face in gear.

AH hey-also I made pralines for the first time. More on that later.