Today I was sitting in this minivan (also affectionately called “The Bluebird”) in the parking lot of my brothers elementary school waiting for ‘The Friendship Fair’ to end (yes I’d like to know exactly what that is too-from what I gather it’s a glorified back-to-school night at the end of the year).  As I was avoiding my stat review sheet in front of me in favor of checking out my Wal-mart purchases (tres emme shampoo/conditioner, sparkly liquid eyeliner, and a pack of watermelon gum) I felt something child-sized hit the side door! I turned around to see a young boy scramble into my vehicle (just how my brothers do-in hazardous chaotic spinning).  When he looked up he saw that the lady in front was an outlier in minivan world-she was definitely not his mom, or anyone at that school’s mom for that matter, but a tired looking teenage girl putting glitter on her eyelids! AH! He jumped away as fast as he came in shock.  I was laughing.