Despite the applesauce, It’ll Stay Locked Up with the Socks.

We’ve all heard the fads that have tried to take butter’s place in the culinary world; applesauce is the oldest foe of butter, but newer villains are on the rise.  Yogurt, pudding, and even pureed prunes are following in applesauce’s devious footprints to overthrow butter in healthy cooking today.  Well here’s one girl you can’t disguise yourselves from! I see right behind those 0 grams of fat labels, and hundreds of brainwashed followers all claiming “you can’t tell the difference!” when you kick butter out of it’s own dessert.  I can smell the crime.  Don’t mess. When I want a dessert that is what I want.  No matter how much applesauce you put in a cake, it is still a cake; a sugar and starch-soaked entity of pleasure that will have the exact same effect on your jeans as the butter would.  Just because you swapped most of the real deal for pureed fruit doesn’t mean you can eat 1/4 of the dough before it’s baked and still just say you had “1 cookie”.  10 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (with the health stamp-applesauce) cookie is not equal too 1 regular chocolate chip traditional.

Why didn’t you tell me that?

Because now I still have that wretched never-worn bikini in my sock drawer and at this rate it will remain that way. 

I’m a butter-believer (in case you couldn’t tell…duh) but I have witnessed a miracle today folks.  An applesauce cookie that actually tastes like a gooey crumble apart-substancial chocolate chip oatmeal cookie.  I kid you not.  But don’t mistake me for saying this is a “healthy cookie” (they actually don’t exist because cookies indicate the taste of wonder and awe, the term “health” doesn’t quite have that same ring to it). It is a very delicious, worth your time, cookie that happens to prefer skipping your artery walls. 

1 cup brown sugar

2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened

½ cup unsweetened applesauce

1 egg

1 ½ cups flour

1 ½ cups oatmeal

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon cinnamon

¼ teaspoon nutmeg

¼ teaspoon salt

½ cup semisweet chocolate chips (next time I want to try butterscotch chips though!)

½ cup chopped walnuts

1 ½ teaspoon vanilla

  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Then beat the butter and sugar at medium speed for 5 minutes.  Then add the applesauce and beat another 3 minutes, then add the egg and vanilla.  Meanwhile in another bowl combine all dry ingredients (except for the nuts and chocolate) then slowly incorporate the dry mixture into the wet.  Stir in chocolate chips and nuts.  Wrap dough in plastic wrap and freeze for at least an hour (I think this was the secret to getting them all nice and puffy instead of like a wafer).  Drop in large tablespoons onto a greased baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes.  

Adapted from Cooking Light Recipe for ‘Giant Oatmeal Drop Cookies’