So there’s this thing people do on their blogs called “likes” (or is that facebook?) well maybe it’s called “favorites” or something else of the sort.  I have been trying to figure out how to create this section of The Blueberry Days —because you all spend your days just dying to know what I “like” right?? please say no.  I need to rest assured you have more substantial things bouncing in your brain than my opinion on the state of Florida. (to be explained in a future post).  After much searching and clicking on incorrect links I’ve decided to give it a rest and just straight out tell ya what the BlueberryElf digs.

Today’s Blueberry:

Smelling like campfire.  One of the best scents of summer and early fall.  Then doused in a downpour of spring rain.  Good stuff, maybe I’ll start my own scent line someday, all of summer scents: campfire, grape popsicle, lake water, rusty boat metal, fishing habitat, waterfall mists.

I know this isn’t a well organized post or even that entertaining, my apologies, however i’m half asleep while writing this and will give you some better quality work tomorrow!