Coffee IV STAT!…200

First Day of School! First Day of School! Alright, let’s hook me up to another drip IV of the good stuff for the next 6 weeks of PSU summer session.  A few weeks ago, during an academic ambition-high gone too far, I decided three months was just too long to go without cramming for tests, and that my thirst for constant schooling would need to be quenched yet again in the dead heat of summer!! I just can’t get enough of it.  

What’s weirder yet is that I bounced out of bed in excitement this morning to voluntarily go to work at 6:50AM and then run off to my first STAT200 class at 11:00.  Had a Great Big Smile for all those people on the street-isn’t everyone as psyched as I to be in school now??! Even my mom commented that I was acting as high as a kit on the way home later, with 4 hours of stat homework in my bag. YEsssssss. The refreshing smell of incomplete assignments.  A week is too long to be apart.

Clearly someone has a problem when the highlight of her summer is going to school.