What Comes With Age?

Now that I’m 1/4 of the way done with college I’m feeling a little creaky and aged-before you scoff and write me off here don’t you remember that time when you started really noticing/thinking about things a little differently than people who were younger than you?  Remember when summers meant swim team, summer orchestra, days at grammy’s house to be princesses for a week, working at Rita’s just because you needed the money for future investments? Now summer isn’t much different from the year-working a “real-er” office job, feeling the cubicle closing in around me, taking classes that will surely kick me, house-sitting (so basically moving into my own little place for the summer-which is exciting and will be a good learning experience) and having to budget for grown-up things like gas $, groceries, savings/college and manage stuff for myself like legal things-this whole adult thing is way over my head, I’m not sure if I’m ready for it but seems like ready or not here it comes.  I suppose on a special occasion I can afford to get a little wild and spend big at the dollar theater.  

Things that Get Better With Age (if they last!) 

Cake (tends to have short life-span in my house)

7-minute Frosting




Woods/secret gardens!

4th of July

A bad hair dye job