In My World There is a Ball Every 3 days.

24 hours after vacating my cubicle of academia+many life lessons (aka the 204 Beam!) I was participating in Jr. Prom-ing by helping my sister, Claire, sparkle up for the occasion. I know there are a lot of downers and party killers out there with great anti-prom sentiment-but truth be told, they kill their own fun.  I might be a little biased though since dressing up for a formal dancing occasion is right up there with eating cake batter with sprinkles.  If you know anything you know this is pretty darn high on the scale of intense enjoyment and light-headedness.  I was flattered that she even wanted to wear my senior prom dress from last year (which looked absolutely stunning on her!)  also got to do her hair and after some serious explaining on why she must wear more than eyeliner for a formal occasion, she let me do up her eyes with pretty good highlights.  Needless to say I was way excited to watch her all dressed up going out (making me feel way old).  After she left for some pre-promming at a friends house I wished there was college prom or just some real occasions to super dress up in college-which led to me trying on a navy blue satin ball gown/bridesmaid dress which just happened to be in my closet….polishing off my look with fake pearl jewelry… heehee I’m still 5 years old at heart.