Closing the Door and Looking Out the Window

As of 7:40 today I shut the lid on 1 year of college.  Went off with a kick too-anatomy was the last test of course! I might actually miss this whole love-hate relationship we had going there, the early mornings, the late nights….always in my heart. But now it’s time to move on, best a clean break.  Oh Gleeful Me I felt as high as a kite for about an hour after, but now I’m kind of shell-shocked and don’t really want to close the lid quite yet.  But that’s how everything is right? (almost everything)

Time to change the pace again

Isn’t springtime magical? (and aren’t I great at smooth transitions from one topic to another?!?!) I love winter’s beautiful grey tranquility but it’s astounding how spring suddenly erupts through it— just when I’ve given up on ever wearing that fairy dress! But honestly, the earth is blossoming right beneath my feet even in the midst of frantic school crazy-such a promising reminder of renewal-I’m in awe of God’s creation and how he’s designed it to be beautiful in  all seasons, but never the same.  Kind of like people.  I’m enchanted by his creation and am blessed to be able to see and experience it.