Wet Spring+Sugar Intoxication+Working Internet

I apologize for the lack of original postings here, save for the pictures of a beautiful lush Pennsylvanian spring.  There are few aromas more glorious to my nose than the smell of rainy spring, really truly I can’t think of an adequate adjective to describe the euphoria of that scent.  Especially when it contains white lilacs.  Like the one’s right outside my dorm entrance.  Stopped me dead in my tracks on my way to the gym today (after a dinner of cookies and peanut butter chocolate whoopie pie…I actually can’t even admit it to myself that this has pretty much been my diet over the past few days.  That and apples so it balances out right? Wrong.) like I’d been tranquilized and just waddled over and stuck my head right up in that tree bush of wonderful.  Picked a little spriglett of the lilacs to keep me company on the rainy walk to rec hall and ended up putting them on the head of the PSU lion shrine.  OK. I really want to write more but my high intensity sugar/refined carb diet of the past few days does have (sort of) an excuse-cleaning out my dorm food supply and stressing over finals along with other *fun things* that decided to make this week even more hectic and enhance the no-sleep+raging food cravings+wild eyes…I promise there will be a real post by Saturday.  Side Note: any of you Park’s and Recreation watchers out there?? The last episode was Quality and had me in tears of wacky (sugar hyped) laughter.  (clearly I’ve been very devoted to my studies before today….) ALSO I have amazing people in my life! One of them is actually a miracle-worker who, after months of my internet not working anywhere besides my dorm room, fixed my wireless internet connection in a matter of mere minutes-meaning now I can browse food blogs access the ever-useful ANGEL all over campus!!!! JOY HAD BY ALL!!!! well, me. But I’ve got plenty and more to go around 😉 Thank you thank you thank you!—> You Know Who You Are.  (if you actually read this which I wouldn’t be offended if you didn’t because I’m sure you hear enough of me without it being in print heehee.  but thanks either way!)