The Seven

Was reading back through some God journal entries over this past school year and stumbled across this article I wrote from a book word for word because I think it beautifully illustrates our core human desires and how we are actually able to be “alive” and to live fully.  Just going to share it here then—stay tuned for a more lighthearted food related post…  😉 What’s finals week without buckets of sugar??

7 Longings that draw us to God and Reflect his Glory in us:

1.     For the assurance that we are enjoyed by God

2.     To be fascinated

3.     For beauty

4.     To be great

5.     For intimacy without shame

6.     To be wholehearted and passionate

7.     To make a deep and lasting impact

“We find the answer to our longings in the one who put them there in our hearts.  When these longings are not touched by the grace of God, they leave us empty; with pain, mourning, and dissatisfaction.  These longings are actually expressions of His image.  We feel delight because He feels delight.  These “designer cravings” are an essential part of His beauty in our lives.  Granted these longings he created in us may not be fully met in this lifetime, but even a little touch of God goes a long way.  To encouter God in these areas describes being fully alive”

—Bike Bickle, author of ‘Passion for Jesus’