Smackdown of Humility

Sometimes life throws you stinging reality checks that force you to eat your words and/or look in a mirror.  I do not like it one little bit but they are necessary!

Never thought I’d be ‘that kid’ who goes to college (even if it is in their own hometown-still moving out of the nest) and forgets how to function in a family, aka they’ve grown so used to taking care of No.1 that it doesn’t even occur to them that there are other people out there (otherwise known as family).  Now even short visits home, like this fine Easter weekend, have been noted with some quality family miscommunication and frustration burnt feelings.  Great kickoff to the impending summer.  But it’s a wakeup call when you (me) realizes that they (I’m) behaving in the exact manner we (I) detest in others.  Maybe we are acutely irritated and angered by things that we do ourselves without realizing it.  We have a satellite for subconscious similarity.  

-you (I) do not always have to voice your (my) opinion, in fact more times than one it’s beneficial for you (ME) to keep your (MY) big trap shut.  Let someone else complain and lecture for a change of pace.  You’ve used up your cards for the day, so put on your big girl boots and remember what it means to show someone you love them in the first place.  People who love you don’t necessarily want to hear you talk about the same stupid problems every single day, but they will because they care about you-they care to listen because it bothers them that it bothers you so they will out of love.  Unselfish listeners are rare and a gift.  Why are we harshest with those who listen and give to us the most unselfishly? If I had that answer I would’t be blogging about it, I’d write a real book!

-don’t take yourself too seriously, I did that and it did not end well.  AKA laugh it off and don’t get your knickers in a knot unless it is truly violating one of your rock solid innermost beliefs, even then relax and just be content with stating your opinion candidly and move on.  No need to fuss about it and tell everyone why you’re right-believe me it probably will not help your case.